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Saturday, June 18, 2016


Today's cool estate find is a vintage 1930's - 1950's S.S. Bayanna Merchant Marine wool sweater.  I did some quick research online and found that the ship was built in 1896 by Detroit Dock Co. in Wyandotte, MI as a steam freighter and was commissioned by Argo Steam Ship Co. as the S.S. Aragon for U.S. service from 1896 - 1903.  From 1903 - 1921 the ship served with the Atlantic Lumber Co. in its last U.S. service.  From then on it was a Canadian vessel used by International Waterways Nav. Ltd. from 1921 - 1929 and then by Essex Transportation Co. from 1929 - 1933. In 1934 the ship's name was changed to S.S. Bayanna where it was owned by Baywater Shipping LTD. of Brockville, Ont.  In 1962 the vessel wrecked with a cargo of coal near Deseronto, 30 miles from Kingston, Ont.  (Picture above shows the freighter hauling coal on the east entrance to the Cornwall Canal in 1956).

The sweater is in near mint condition with SS Bayanna printed on the back.  The navy blue wool is extremely rich and heavy.  I found no garment tag but my best guess is the sweater dates somewhere between 1934 to the mid 1950's.  (Brass 2nd Class Mess plaque was purchased at the sale as well but I'm not certain if it came from the same ship).  Sweater is FOR SALE.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tyson's Hatchery 1941 - 1946 Chevrolet Suburban

Big Dan Espinoza found this great picture of a '41-'46 Chevrolet Suburban as used by Tyson's Hatchery and posted it on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.  I thought I'd share it as well as its a great image!

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